Continuing on with some Madonna-dorkery for this late July late night/early morning, here is the “Nothing Fails”/”Nobody Knows Me” U.S. 2 x 12” remixes set.  As is usually the case with her vinyl maxi-singles, it does not exactly copy the CD maxi-single.  Here, the Peter Rauhofer and Above & Beyond mixes are left off in favor of adding a second Mount Sims remix of “Nobody Knows Me” and an otherwise unavailable Tracy Young dub of “Nothing Fails”.  And, even with the larger canvas of a 12 inch sleeve, the design is just a miss with the lyrics all jumbled together like they are.  This was her second single in a row to miss the Billboard Hot 100, and that’s just a shame, as it’s a really lovely ballad which, surprisingly, holds up very well to being remade for the dance floor.

Photography by Regan Cameron.  Art Direction / Design by Kevin Reagan.

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